Workshop: “The Use of Molecular Simulation Software”, Casa das Ciências

BioSIM researchers Sergio F. Sousa, Carla S. S. Teixeira, Henrique S. Fernandes, Juliana F. Rocha, and André F. Pina ministered two workshops on the V International Meeting Casa das Ciências, held in Guimarães, Portugal.

These workshops, entitled  “The Use of Molecular Simulation Software” focused on the use of open-source computational chemistry software tools as appealing instruments for teaching Chemistry principles to high-school students, and were developed with the scientific coordination of Nuno S. Cerqueira.

In particular, the use of Avogadro and VMD, two powerful molecular simulation programs, were presented to an audience of high-school teachers in two very participated hands-on sessions.

We thank all the participants for their enthusiasm and hope to have contributed to strengthening the bond between research and education.


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  1. Maverick Puah Reply

    Really excited to know that we have such open source tools for teachers to help students learn chemistry in a more interactive way. The Protein Wars featured in the video really reminds me of a retro arcade game console!

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