BioSIM at Biofilms@UP Meeting

BioSIM researchers Sérgio F. Sousa, Tatiana F. Vieira and Fábio Martins participated in the organization of the Biofilms@UP meeting.

This event devoted to research on biofilms took place on September 15th 2022 at Reitoria da Universidade de Porto, and joined together on site around 40 researchers from 11 different research groups from the different faculties and research institutes within University of Porto, working with biofilms. This event was also transmitted online.

The Biofilms@UP was created to boost the collaborative research on biofilm science and technology at the University of Porto.


09h30 – Opening Session – Professor Pedro Rodrigues, Vice-Rector of the University of Porto
09h45 – Luis Melo – Biofilm Engineering Lab – FEUP
10h15 – Vítor Vasconcelos – CIIMAR – UP
10h45 – Filipa Grosso – BACT_DRUGS – UCIBIO/FFUP
Coffee break
11h45 – Sérgio F. Sousa – Biomolecular SIMulations (BioSIM) Group – UCIBIO/FMUP
12h15 – Fernanda Borges – Drug Discovery Group – CIQUP/FCUP
14h – Knut Drescher – University of Basel (
14h45 – Maria Pia Ferraz – Biocomposites Group – i3S/INEB/FEUP
15h15 – Cláudia Monteiro – BioEngineered Surfaces Group – i3S/INEB
15h45 – Paula Gomes – ORCHIDS – REQUIMTE-LAQV/FCUP
Coffee break
16h45 – Cláudia Nunes – Nanoplataforms for life – LAQV, REQUIMTE
17h15 – Manuel Villanova – Immunobiology Group – i3S/IBMC/ICBAS
17h45 – Ângela Fernandes – MicroMed Group – CINTESIS /FMUP