Sérgio F. Sousa among the Top 2% most cited scientists in the world in 2022

Sérgio F. Sousa (BioSIM) was one of the 162 researchers and professors of the University of Porto on the list of the most cited scientists in the world in 2022. The data comes from the most recent update of the “World’s Top 2% Scientists list”, a study prepared by researchers from the University from Stanford (USA) and which annually classifies the most cited scientists worldwide in their respective areas, according to SCOPUS, the world’s largest database of abstracts and citations of scientific publications.

Covering a total of 22 areas and 174 scientific disciplines, this list published by the prestigious publisher Elsevier presents a restricted selection of scientists considered active, whose work has accelerated progress in their areas, also influencing the work productivity of other researchers.

The list, which includes 28 new researchers compared to the previous edition, also includes, among others, the winners of four of the last six editions of the U.Porto Award for Excellence in Scientific Research: Nuno Cardoso Santos, Vítor Vasconcelos, Pedro Camanho and Adelino Leite Moreira.

Regarding the most represented scientific areas are Clinical Medicine, Chemistry, Engineering, Agricultural, Forestry and Marine Sciences and Biomedical Research.

In total, the list includes 210,198 scientists from around the world, of which 790 develop or have developed their work in Portuguese scientific institutions. Of these, around 20% are linked to the U.Porto and its respective research centers.

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