Sérgio F. Sousa represented BioSIM at Biogate International Competion for Computational Biology, in Istambul

Sérgio F. Sousa represented BioSIM at the Biogate International Conference in Istambul, Turkey on 19-20th August 2023. This event which took place at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), included an “International Biotechnology and Life Sciences” competition organized in the scope of the 250th anniversary of ITU and was organized by the GALEN Team.

A Global Platform for Emerging Talents

The heart of this conference was undoubtedly the international student competition. It brought together teams from universities and high schools across the world. Participants were offered a unique environment to both experimentally and theoretically develop their projects, engage in insightful discussions with leading experts in the field, and, last but not least, compete with their innovative projects.

A Diverse Spectrum of Fields

The 2023 edition of the competition showcased the boundless diversity of the life sciences and biotechnology field. Areas of competition spanned across synthetic biology, computational biology, astrobiology, artificial pandemics, and biosensor design. This diversity highlighted the interdisciplinary nature of modern scientific pursuits.

Eminent Figures at the Helm

The Biogate International Conference featured also several plenary speakers who graced the event with their insights and expertise. The list included notable names such as Blake A. Simmons, Robert E. Campbell, Nadanai Laohakunakorn, Kurt Vesterager, Deborah H. Fuller, Jonathan Grimes, and Maria Fátima Lucas.

For further insights and details about the Biogate International Conference, you can explore the event’s official website here.