Sérgio F. Sousa represented BioSIM at COST Meeting in Brussels

Sérgio F. Sousa represented BioSIM at COST Action Meeting – CA21145 – EURESTOP, which took place in Brussels in June 13th. This gathering brought together experts from across Europe, united under the banner of EURESTOP, which stands for “European Network for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Infections.”

EURESTOP: A Multidisciplinary Initiative

EURESTOP is not merely an acronym; it embodies a comprehensive European initiative to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections. The initiative seamlessly blends the expertise of both industrial and academic scientists, encompassing various fields of knowledge. This multidisciplinary approach is the foundation of EURESTOP.

A Fusion of Expertise and Disciplines

The Action seamlessly melds together an array of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, bioinformatics, genetics, biology, immunology, and medicine. Aims to decipher the genetic and molecular underpinnings of bacterial drug resistance, while simultaneously pioneering innovative diagnostic tools. Moreover, EURESTOP is dedicated to developing lead and pre-clinical candidates, advancing antibody-based therapies, and nurturing the development of clinical-ready repurposed drugs. This progressive approach is a significant step toward personalized treatment for drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Unifying European Scientists for Excellence

Beyond scientific pursuits, the Action strives to foster networking among European scientists, enhancing the competitiveness of European research. This objective extends to the promotion of translational research outcomes, including the creation of novel Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). EURESTOP also serves as a knowledge-sharing platform, nurturing a new generation of young scientists adept in the multifaceted aspects of bacterial drug resistance.

A Focus on Career Development and Inclusiveness

The Action places a special emphasis on the career development of Young Researchers and Innovators, aiming to channel research impulses into Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC). These efforts underscore EURESTOP’s commitment to inclusive and comprehensive scientific growth.

For more details on the EURESTOP initiative, please visit the official website: EURESTOP.