BioSIM welcomes Arménio Barbosa

BioSIM welcomes a new visiting researcher, Arménio Barbosa, from the NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon.

Arménio Moura main research focus is on protein modeling and the discovery and development of new affinity ligands for biotechnology applications. He is currently conducting research in the new discovery and design affinity molecules for bioprocesses and modeling of biomaterials. Other topics include biomolecules for gas sensing, discovery of marine natural compounds for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications, new soft materials based on liquid crystals and ionic liquids.

Arménio comes from the research group Biomolecular Engineering Lab, at UCIBIO and i4HB.

His mobility period will involve the study of reaction mechanisms for the development of new affinity ligands for biopharmaceuticals purification.

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