New Collaborative Article in Trends in Microbiology (IF 13.546)

Please, check our recent publication in Trends in Microbiology (IF 13.546):

LegionellaDB – A Database on Legionella Outbreaks

Inês G. Gonçalves, Henrique S. Fernandes, Ana Melo, Sérgio F. Sousa, Lúcia C. Simões, Manuel Simões

DOI: 10.1016/j.tim.2021.01.015 | Trends in Microbiology

LegionellaDB is the first database on Legionella outbreaks; it is based on a metadata analysis of peer-reviewed manuscripts from PubMed and SCOPUS. LegionellaDB is dynamic and extensible, allowing users to search for specific outbreaks, suggest additional information to be included after curation, visualize statistical representations on specific outbreaks, and download selected data.

The database is maintained at

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