Sérgio F. Sousa represented BioSIM at the VI Biotech Health Annual Symposium

Sérgio F. Sousa was one of the speakers at the VI Biotech Health Annual Symposium, where he presented a talk entitled “BioSIM – Employing biomolecular simulations in a multidisciplinary perspective”. 

In this 45 minutes presentation, Sérgio F. Sousa had the opportunity to address the challenges of computational/experimental collaborations in life sciences and chemistry, and to briefly introduce the type of computational methods most commonly used at the atomic level in these studies, from quantum mechanics to molecular dynamics, mentioning also docking and virtual screening. This was illustrated through a selection of examples based on the group current collaboration projects. 

This presentation was followed by a round table. 
The 6th Biotech Health Symposium, titled Science Collabs – Upgrading your next big idea, is organized by the students of the 5th Edition of the Biotech Health Doctoral Program and took place on July 2nd 2019, at I3S.

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