PhD Student

Mariana Sousa earned her bachelor´s degree in Bioengineering University of Porto, Porto, 2020) and her Master’s degree in Bioengineering specialization in Biological Engineering (University of Porto, Porto, 2022). She is a PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering (PDEQB) at the University of Porto.

Her work, with the title “Biofilm control in healthcare settings with phytochemical-based disinfectants”, aims to develop new biocidal formulations for the control of healthcare-associated infections, focusing on a rational combination of traditional biocides and phytochemicals. She is developing her work under the supervision of Professor Manuel Simões (FEUP/LEPABE), with the co-supervision of Dr. Anabela Borges (FEUP/LEPABE), and Dr. Sérgio Sousa (FMUP/BioSIM).