PhD Student

João N. D. Gonçalves is a PhD Student of the Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Programme (Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences – ICBAS), following a MSc in Applied Biochemistry and a BSc in Biochemistry (UMinho).

João will develop his PhD studies at UMinho, ICBAS, and BioSIM under the supervision of Prof. Rui Oliveira (CBMA, UMinho) and the co-supervision of Prof. Alice Dias (CQ-UM, UMinho) and Prof. Paulo Correia-de-Sá (MedInUP, ICBAS). Sérgio F. Sousa will supervise the in silico studies at BioSIM. His thesis is entitled “In the limelight of newly synthesized fluorescent nucleoside derivatives for bioimaging and drug discovery: high- throughput computational drug design and live-cell pharmacological assessments” and will focus on the design and development of novel fluorescent nucleoside derivatives with improved photophysical and biochemical properties for bioimaging and pharmacological applications.