PhD Student

Airam Roggero is a student of the PhD Program in Sustainable Chemistry at FCUP. She graduated from Centro Universitário Lusíada in 2018 (Brazil), specialist in Hospital Administration at UNIP (BRAZIL) and Distance Education at UNIVESP (BRAZIL), with a MSc at Institute of Biosciences, Paulista State University, Brazil.

Roggero’s work involves biochemical, bioinformatic, ecotoxicity and histological assays that seek to explain the mechanism of interaction between NSAIDs obtained from natural and synthetic forms their interactions on membrane fluidity, and their action on specific enzymes and hepatotoxicity. Roggero’s project is entitled “Analysis of effects of NSAIDs on membrane fluidity” and is developed under the supervision of Dr. Sérgio F. Sousa (BioSIM – FMUP, Portugal) and co-supervised by Prof. Marcos H. Toyama (BIOMOLPEP – UNESP IB/CLP, Brazil).