ResearchID: G-8464-2019
ORCID: 0000-0001-7234-7351
Publons: 1762745
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PhD Student

Andreia Veloso, MSc, graduated in Biochemistry in 2016 at the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD). She was a PhD student (FCT grant, 2018) of the Chemical and Biological Science PhD program of UTAD.

Her PhD project aimed to develop carbon nanomaterials that can mimic antioxidant enzymes, envisaging two different applications: the electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide and the protection of cells under oxidative stress conditions and was developed with the co-supervision of Maria C.Oliveira (UTAD/CQ-VR), Romeu   A.   Videira   (FCUP/LAQV) and Nuno Cerqueira (FMUP/BioSIM).

Main Publications:

Hydrophilic Carbon Nanomaterials: Characterisation by Physical, Chemical, and Biological Assays
A. D. Veloso, A. M. Ferraria, A. M. Botelho do Rego, P. B. Tavares, P. Valentão, D. D. Pereira, P. B. Andrade, A. J. Fernandes, M. C. Oliveira, R. A. Videira.
ChemMedChem,14, 699 (2019).

One-Step Cathodic and Anodic Synthesis of Hydrophilic Carbon Nanomaterials
A. D. Veloso, A. M. Botelho do Rego, A. M. Ferraria, L. F. V. Ferreira, D. P. Ferreira, P.B. Tavares, R. Videira, A. S. Viana, M. C. Oliveira.
ChemElectroChem, 4, 2693(2017).

Dual Behaviour of Amorphous Carbon Released Electrochemically from Graphite
M. C. Oliveira, A. S. Viana, A. M. Botelho do Rego, A. M. Ferraria, P. B. Tavares, A. D.Veloso, R. A. Videira.
ChemistrySelect, 1, 4126 (2016).

Full List of Publications: