New Review Paper Published in Molecules (IF 4.927)

Have a look at our recent review paper published in Molecules (IF 4.927). Great work from our MSc Student Maria F. Araújo. 

The Buzz on Insecticides: A Review of Uses, Molecular Structures, Targets, Adverse Effects, and Alternatives

Maria F. Araújo, Elisabete M. S. Castanheira and Sérgio F. Sousa

Molecules (2023) | DOI: 10.3390/molecules28083641


Insecticides play a critical role in controlling the spread of insect-borne diseases and preserving crop health. These chemical substances are specifically formulated to kill or manage insect populations. Over the years, various types of insecticides have been developed, including organophosphates, carbamates, pyrethroids, and neonicotinoids, each with unique modes of action, physiological targets, and efficacy. Despite the advantages that insecticides offer, it is imperative to recognize the potential consequences on non-target species, the environment, and human health. It is therefore crucial to follow recommended label instructions and employ integrated pest management practices for the judicious use of insecticides. This review article provides an in-depth examination of the various types of insecticides, including their modes of action, physiological targets, environmental and human health impacts, and alternatives. The aim is to furnish a comprehensive overview of insecticides and to emphasize the significance of responsible and sustainable utilization.