BioSIM Participation in the 3D-Bioinfo-PT Annual Meeting at ITQB, Oeiras

Sérgio F. Sousa, Tatiana F. Vieira, Carlos Shiraishi, Fábio Martins, Cláudia Novais and Sofia Sousa participated on the 3D-Bioinfo-PT Annual Meeting, which took place on 21st of December 2022 at ITQB (Nova), Oeiras.

Tatiana F. Vieira presented an oral communication entitled “What can computational methods do to help find new molecules with antimicrobial properties”. Carlos Shiraishi presented an oral communication with the title “Virtual Screening of a Library of Natural Compounds Against COX-2 Protein”.

Fábio Martins presented a poster communication on the group’s work on “Computer-Guided Development of New Drugs Against COVID-19”. Cláudia Novais presented a poster entitled “Molecular Dynamics Studies Targeting Coloring and Preserving Molecules: Proposals for the Development of Bio-based Hybrid Molecules.

3D-BioInfo-PT is the community of Portuguese scientific researchers working in fields connected to Structural Bioinformatics. 3D-BioInfo-PT was established in 2022 as a community within the larger infrastructure. Before that, annual community meetings had been organized since 2013 as EJIBCE – Encontro de Jovens Investigadores em Biologia Computacional Estrutural.