BioSIM participates in Course on “Computational Biosciences using HPC” in the Scope of EuroCC project

BioSIM was among the UCIBIO labs involved in the organization and lecturing of the “Computational Biosciences using HPC” course. This initiative was organized in collaboration with INCD (Infra-Estrutura Nacional the Computação Distribuída) in the scope of project EuroCC and was dedicated to students and researchers interested in starting HPC projects on computational biosciences. The course included lectures and hands-on sessions with access to the INCD HPC datacenter on which participants were able to run the tutorials.

The course covered a total of 6 modules, distributed along 2 weeks. The first week was focused on OMICS, including High-throughput Sequencing Data, Transcriptome Assembly and Phylogenomics.

The second week was devoted to molecular modelling techniques and was lectured by Sérgio F. Sousa (BioSIM, FMUP) and Arménio Barbosa (Biomolecular Engineering lab, Univ Nova de Lisboa), with the support of Henrique S. Fernandes (BioSIM, FMUP). It included modules on Structured-Based Virtual Screening, Molecular Dynamics and Hybrid Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Calculations.

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