BioSIM welcomes New Visiting PhD Student, David Ferreiro

BioSIM welcomes a new visiting PhD student, David Ferreiro, from the PhD program “Methodologies and Applications in Life Sciences” from the Faculty of Biology, University of Vigo (Spain).

David Ferreiro has a BSc degree in Biology from the University of Vigo (Spain) and a Msc in Genomics and Genetics from the University of Vigo (Spain).

David is currently a PhD student in Methodologies and Applications in Life Sciences, University of Vigo (Spain) and a Xunta de Galicia scholarship holder. He is performing most of his work at the Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas (CINBIO), in the Computational Molecular Evolution Group. 

David’s PhD project is focused on monitoring the evolution of drug targets of pathogens to develop and apply evolutionary strategies to improve the design of pathogen therapies. He carries out this work through computational simulation studies under the guidance of Dr. Miguel Arenas Busto (CINBIO). He is also involved as a researcher in a Spanish national project of the development of new substitution models of protein evolution considering structural and functional information (PID2019-107931GA-100).

His mobility period at BioSIM will involve the application of molecular dynamics simulations studies into these projects.