Two PhD Students of BioSIM presented Oral Communications at the XI Bioinformatics Open Days, in Braga, Portugal

André F. Pina and Rita P. Magalhães presented Oral Communications at the XI Bioinformatics Open Days in Braga, Portugal, on March 3rd 2022.

This annual event, organized by students of the University of Minho, brings together young researchers from all over the country in the fields of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

André F. Pina presented a communication about the QM/MM study on the catalytic mechanism of Pdx2 Glutaminase, recently published in ChemBioChem (DOI: 10.1002/cbic.202100555).

Rita P. Magalhães presented her work on the catalytic mechanism of IsPETase, a plastic degrading enzyme, recently published in Catalysis Science & Technology (DOI: 10.1039/D1CY02271G)

The event included keynote presentations by Dr. Maria Zimmerman, Dr. Sarela Garcia-Santamarina and Dr. Pablo Carbonell. In addition to several posters and oral communications sessions, presented by MsC and PhD students, a round-table and networking session with relevant companies in the field took place. 

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