3 BioSIM Students presented oral communication in 1st E-Conference on Innovation in Microbial Control

Tatiana F. Vieira, Fábio Martins, and Rita Magalhães presented oral communications at the 1st E-Conference on Innovation in Microbial Control. 

This event aimed to establish a network to discuss and share on innovative strategies for microbial control and to debate the main challenges found in the field and took place between October 7 and 8th of 2021, online. Notable international speakers included Andrew McBain, from the University of Manchester (UK) and Knut Drescher from Max Planck Institute (Germany). 

Tatiana F. Vieira oral communication focused on targeting the PQS system by the discovery of new quorum sensing inhibitors for P. aeruginosa through an in silico methodology.

Fábio Martins presented an oral communication on the identification of potential quorum sensing inhibitors through structure-based virtual screening, molecular dynamics, and free energy calculations.

Rita Magalhães presentation focused on the machine learning classification models for identification of ligand-target inhibition pairs in biofilm formation in P. aeruginosa.

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