4 BioSIM Students participate in the Affinity 2021 Meeting

Fábio Martins, Cátia Santos-Pereira, Tatiana F. Vieira and Rita Magalhães participated in the 24th meeting of the International Society for Molecular Recognition – Affinity 2021. This international meeting took place online between June 22nd and June 24th, 2021.

Fábio Martins presented an oral communication on the development of a specialized multi-level computational approach for the identification of novel quorum sensing inhibitors. Cátia Santos-Pereira, Tatiana F. Vieira, and Rita Magalhães presented e-posters and 3-minute flash presentations on their ongoing work at BioSIM on biomolecular interaction analysis and computational drug discovery. 

This international event, organized by the International Society for Molecular Recognition (http://ismr.org/index.html) is held biannually since 1975, witnessing important discoveries and developments in the field of molecular recognition. The list of speakers included Prof. Mathias Uhlén (KTH, Sweden), Prof. Jennifer Cochran (Stanford University, US), Prof. Alois Jungbauer (BOKU, Austria), Prof. Mibel Aguilar (Monasch University, Australia), Prof. Dane Wittrup (MIT, US), Prof. Sarah Heilshorn (Stanford University, US), Prof. David Baker (University of Washington, US), Prof. Amy Keating (MIT, US), Prof. Steven Cramer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US), Prof. Rebecca Wade (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies, Germany), & Prof. Andreas Plückthun, (University of Zurich, Germany).

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