6 BioSIM Students participate in the X Bioinformatic Open Days

Cátia Santos-Pereira, Fábio Martins, André Pina, Rita Magalhães, Jorge Cunha and Maria Araújo participated in the X Bioinformatic Open Days Meeting. This event took place online between May5th and May 8th, 2021.

Cátia Santos-Pereira delivered an oral communication presenting her recent results on the computational analysis on V-ATPase inhibition by lactoferrin, while Fábio Martins presented an oral communication on the development of computational strategies against biofilm inhibition through quorum-sensing.

André PinaRita MagalhãesJorge Cunha, and Maria Araújo presented e-posters on their ongoing work at BioSIM on biomolecular interaction analysis, biocatalysts development and insecticide target characterization.

Bioinformatics Open Days is a student-led initiative, first held at University do Minho, Braga, in 2012. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between students, teachers and researchers from the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology fields.

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