New Review Paper in Biofouling (IF 2.847)

Please, check our recent publication in Biofouling (IF 2.847):

Databases for the Study of Biofilms: Current Status and Potential applications

Fábio G. Martins, André Melo, and Sérgio F. Sousa

DOI: 10.1080/08927014.2021.1876849 | Biofouling

Biofilms play an important role in health, being associated with >80% of all microbial infections in the body and in the development of antibiotic resistance. Research in this field has continuously produced large volumes of data. Being able to handle all this information will be paramount for progress in this field. However, this places a heavy burden on the development of strategies to gather, organize and make this information available in a way that can be readily and effectively used by those requiring it. 

Lately, efforts towards this goal have been reported, particularly with the development of Quorumpeps, BiofOmics, BaAMPs, QSPpred, dPABBs, aBiofilm and the Biofilms Structural Database. This work reviews these databases and highlights their applicability and potential, while stressing some of the challenges for the coming years in database development and usage brought about by the use of big data and machine learning.

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