Henrique Fernandes and Sérgio F. Sousa presented webinar at Instituto Federal da Rondônia, Brazil

Henrique S. Fernandes and Sérgio F. Sousa (BioSIM) presented a webinar entitled “The Application of Computational Simulations in Teaching and Research in Chemistry” last Wednesday, November 25th, 2020. 

This webinar was part of the “Semana Acadêmica de Ciência e Tecnologia” and of the “V Semana Acadêmica de Química” organized by the Instituto Federal de Rondônia, Brazil. 

This webinar focused on the increasing importance of computational chemistry in research and on the potential application of many of its tools in teaching. The basic principles associated to some of the most widely used techniques was presented and illustrated, with emphasis on quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics simulations and computer-aided drug discovery.  

Special attention was also dedicated to BioSIMAR (BioSIM Augmented Reality) and other software tools under development at BioSIM. 

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